Data Visualization Can be Fun! (And Useful)


Recently we finished the first year of the evaluation of the Muskoka Bridges Projects and are really looking forward to continuing our work with them over the next four years. This program helps to bring individual and community resources to people living in poverty over a kitchen table type setting. Bridges is a community project led by YWCA Muskoka offering multi-tiered initiatives for people living in poverty. The goal is to help remove barriers, as well as promote and increase more social and economic participation in the community.

We also have just finished some work for Family Services Toronto for the Passport Program. The program helps to meet the needs of adults living with developmental disabilities. 

Lately, as we write our reports for different organizations, we've been increasingly focused on how we can present our research and evaluations in the most dynamic, interesting way possible. We want to make sure that everyone involved in these projects can access the information we provide, which can mean presenting it in a variety of different ways, for a range of people from different backgrounds, but who are all invested in the outcomes of our work. 

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic's book, Storytelling with Data, is an essential resource for helping to refine data visualization and to come up with new and exciting ways to report findings. We would highly recommend it! We've also attended a Webinar which focused on improving tools for data visualisation. For us at CAP Consulting this is a big deal, since effective data visualisation is a key part of achieving our mandate of collaborative and accessible work. 

Click here to visit the Storytelling with Data website.