Here you will find a description of the variety of services we provide. Our team has taken great care to ensure the work we do satisfies the needs that first brought you to CAP Consulting.


Program Evaluation:  

To date our team has (jointly and individually) helped over 50 organizations and programs and we can help you by: 

  • Assessing the evaluability of your program and helping you get it ready for evaluation 
  • Developing program logic models and theories of change
  • Developing evaluation plans and frameworks 
  • Designing and conducting comprehensive program evaluations (using a variety of methods, types of evaluations and data collections tools)  
  • Using existing data your program may have to interpret and make sense of program processes and outcomes and produce 
  • Working with diverse stakeholder groups to translate and present results using a variety of methods

Capacity Building: 

Our team has experience helping organizations build their capacity in program development, program evaluation and community research. We can help you by: 

  • Customizing a training package to help your organization conduct internal evaluations 
  • Working with you to develop a system for ongoing data collection 
  • Working with you to develop a program logic model  or theory of change
  • Training staff on different types of data collections (survey administrations, conducting focus groups or interviews) 
  • Reviewing and providing feedback and direction an any aspect of your internal evaluation processes 

Toolkits,  Protocols and Reports: 

Our team has experience in developing toolkits, protocols, and research reports. We can help you by: 

  • Working with you to develop a user-friendly and attractive toolkit based on work in which you have expertise
  • Researching an area of your work and develop a program manual 
  • Reviewing existing (secondary) data and writing a research report based on that data
  • Conducting a needs assessment, reviewing or further research to develop a protocol on agency responses (e.g., a woman abuse protocol) 
  • Researching and documenting effective practices in a specific program area or in an agency-wide approach  

 Other Research: 

Our research experience and skills span beyond program evaluation.  We can also help you  by:  

  • Designing and conducting a community needs assessment 
  • Early childhood research and knowledge mobilization
  • Conducting stakeholder consultation 
  • Carrying out a feasibility study 
  • Conducting community environmental scans and literature reviews  
  • Developing a research study or consultation process to help you answer research questions you may have   

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