Laurie Logan-deCaux

Principal, Consumer Insights Partner - LLD Research

With over 20 years of market research experience, Laurie is passionate about the process of discovery. She works in partnership with her clients to become a member of their team – someone they can trust and feel confident in to dedicate the time, energy and experience to ensure that each study leads her clients to action and improved performance. This passion has delivered powerful, relevant results for both private and public sector organizations in diverse industries including community and municipal services, utilities, energy, transportation, tourism, and retail.

As Principal of LLD Research, Laurie is a seasoned researcher whose dedication to best practices and quality assurances ensures the success of all her projects and partnerships. She is motivated by seeing her clients continually move forward and build successful brands and customer and employee strategies.

Using the right mix of both quantitative and qualitative approaches, Laurie excels at connecting the dots between data to tell a holistic story. Areas of expertise include customer satisfaction, employee engagement, brand performance and reputation tracking, concept testing, communication effectiveness, and program evaluation.

Laurie logan-decaux
LLD research

students commission

The Students Commission of Canada

student's commission

The Students Commission was founded in 1991 with a mission to help young people put their ideas for improving themselves, their communities and their world into action. An independent, charitable, non-governmental organization, The Students Commission is active across Canada, supporting young people to participate in the activities of local, provincial, national and international organizations and governments. In the year 2000, The Students Commission became the lead of The Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement, which networks academics, youth organizations and young people together to provide research and training to improve youth programs and youth engagement. The Students Commission leads Sharing the Stories, a member-based online platform that provides young people and youth-serving organizations with the capacity and consistent tools to evaluate their youth programs and share a comprehensive story about youth engagement in Canada. 

Three Things Consulting

Three Things Consulting, an Indigenous owned and incorporated company, is a collaboration between three innovators with a combined experience of more than seventy years in evaluation; youth gathering development and management; community and youth engagement; project and research development and implementation; training and capacity building; facilitation; assessment; strategic planning; partnership/program development; and knowledge sharing.  Their roots and process are tied to a core lesson learned from our work:  people matter, are important and belong. 


Three Things Consulting's work is strengthened by continually engaging and developing partnerships with like-minded consultants from across Canada, bringing together thought leaders and innovators in their particular areas of expertise to build the strongest teams possible for specific projects.  This includes facilitators, researchers and evaluators, educators, Elders, academics and area experts, including those with lived experience.

The message of Three Things Consulting that they share and incorporate in all of their work are the 3 Things: You Matter. You Are Important. You Belong. They develop tools, processes, experiences, and strategies that are rooted in these messages.  The goal is to have all  partners, clients, and participants in all events, evaluation, programs and trainings to understand and feel this.

Throughout their careers, Three Things Consulting staff have managed national and regional projects and campaigns, coordinated and led research projects, with a focus on experiential and participatory qualitative research and provided keynote addresses on health and wellness based themes, (including issues related to education, mental health, gender, addiction and recovery). They have designed, managed and facilitated youth gatherings such as conferences, symposiums, forums and workshops, and completed contracts in collaboration with a wide variety of government, non-government, Indigenous organizations and First Nations.  As previous executive directors of non-governmental organizations, managers in residential programming and community workers across Canada, the Three Things Consulting team excels at sharing their ideas and expertise, led by Pytor Hodgson and supported by his colleagues and facilitators. 


Some of their recent work includes the development of a suicide and life celebration strategy in partnership with Paul First Nation and Human Services of Alberta and a strategic plan for Yellowknife to address the underlying issues facing Indigenous youth involved with gang-like activities. They have facilitated a gathering of trafficked women in Canada and philanthropists, who together shared and learned in the pursuit of the creation of a national strategy on the issue. They are providing support to an international children's health organization in the redevelopment of their programming with First Nations, are involved in the ongoing evaluation of 28 programs geared towards girls across Canada, and are working with national youth agencies in their engagement of Indigenous and marginalized youth populations.  Their work with adults and leaders includes facilitating Circle processes in the arts, health, education and child welfare sectors. They have hosted dialogues between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in reconciliation projects and have been engaged in linking the Prime Ministers Office and Indigenous leadership with leaders of national youth organizations. 

Colleen Loomis, PhD

PhD in Human Services Psychology (Community-Social)

Colleen Loomis

Since 2003, Dr. Loomis has been a university-based scholar whose research focuses on linking community, schools, government, and non-governmental organizations to promote the well-being and agency of people by expanding the choices and opportunities they have.  She is knowledgeable and passionate about challenges of human development, capability expansion, poverty eradication, and education.  Colleen has a deep understanding of applied research and evaluation theory and has taught on topics of psychology (e.g., child development, personality, human sexuality, gender), education, ethics, and research methods.  She also has a strong theoretical and practical understanding of knowledge mobilization and exchange approaches as well as assessing the impact of knowledge mobilization activities.  She has conducted research in the United States, Canada, Kenya, Madagascar, Laos, France and Switzerland. Colleen is an active and effective listener, a strong communicator and a compassionate project partner.